December 2, 2018
D3 System: Drug-Drug Interaction Discovery and Demystification by Adeeb Noor


November 25, 2018​
Computational Modeling of Malaria Metabolism Reveals Different Stages and Species Nutrient Preferences and Drug Targets​ by Alyaa Mohamed


November 11, 2018
Towards Rational Design of Biosynthesis Pathways by Meshari Alazmi

November 7, 2018
Genome-scale Regression Analysis Reveals a Linear Relationship for Promoters and Enhancers After Combinatorial Drug Treatment by Trisevgeni Rapakoulia

​October 31, 2018
VSIM: Visualization and Simulation of Genomes for Premarital Testing by Azza Althagafi


October 24, 2018
Machine Learning with Biological Knowledge Graphs by Mona Alshahrani

October 17, 2018
Variant Prioritization in Cancer: Understanding and Prediction of Cancer Driver Genes and Mutations by Sara Althubaiti