Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a research field with the aim to develop computational methods and algorithms that resemble - or reproduce - intelligent behavior.  There are ample opportunities in applying AI to the benefit of humanity. Among areas where AI hold a significant promise are human health and genetics. In part, this is a consequence of perseverance of high-throughput technologies in the life sciences that produce data at scales impossible for humans and traditional computational paradigms to understand and analyze.

The Artificial Intelligence for Genomics and Health (AI4GH) Initiative has been created with the explicit aim to facilitate collaboration and exchange of knowledge across divisions and programs at KAUST and to provide a platform for collaboration and outreach within the Kingdom in all areas of AI in genomics and health. AI4GH drivesstrategic initiatives integrating applications of AI to data on an extreme scale.

AI4GH aims to provide an additional focus to development and applications of AI methods in health and genomics and adopts a wide range of AI methods, including machine learning, logic and symbolic AI, image analysis, linguistics and natural language processing, knowledge representation, cognitive science, and neuroscience.

One objective of the Initiative is to help and support medical practitioners in the Kingdom and beyond in their goal of improving the societal well-being. Our aim to forge strategic partnerships with Saudi hospitals, academic and governmental institutions with the objective to incorporate AI analysis into clinical practice.

Dissemination of current research and skills, as well as training of a growing number of people in skills necessary to contribute to building a knowledge-based economy in the Kingdom is another key objective of the Initiative. In collaboration with our strategic partners, we organize seminars, workshops, conferences, and hackathons on a national and regional levels.

AI4GH was initiated by researchers from the Computational Bioscience Research Center (CBRC) at KAUST. Since its inception in 2009, the CBRC has developed and utilized several AI methods in its research and continues to lead in research in AI in Genomics and Health.